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We’re always on the lookout for volunteers and professionals working in the mental health sector to join our team in Woodstock.If you are passionate about mental health, you can join our team either as a volunteer counsellor, an intern or you can help us increase access to affordable mental health services by donating to The Counselling Hub. Send an email at

Our Student Counsellors

Over the last twenty years, SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) has been committed to transforming the mental health landscape in South Africa through the provision of educational training in higher education and the distinct Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programme. The WIL programme provides SACAP students with the opportunity to work in numerous community organisations delivering services that are related to mental health such as counselling, psycho-social programmes, conducting needs assessments and developing community workshops amongst an array of other activities. Essentially, students in the WIL programme are able to translate their theoretical training in the classroom into practical and applied learning by working in organisations that would otherwise not have access to their skills and capabilities. The integration of the WIL programme provides the Counselling Hub with a unique opportunity to deliver accessible and affordable mental health services. The cost of the services offered at the Counselling Hub represents a fraction (about 5%) of what individuals would pay to access counselling services in the private sector. As a WIL site, the Counselling Hub will be able to tap into SACAP students who have been trained to deliver short-term interventions such as counselling in individual and group settings. SACAP, and by extension, the SACAP Foundation, are intrinsically invested in developing interventions that translate into positive social impact in communities. Through the involvement of the WIL programme, the Counselling Hub will also have the opportunity to extend its social impact through student-driven research and projects.


Thank you for your willingness to donate to the Counselling Hub. The Counselling Hub is a project of the SACAP Foundation. The SACAP Foundation is registered as an NPO with the Department of Social Development and is recognised as a public benefit organisation by SARS, so there are benefits towards donating towards our organisation. We accept financial and in-kind donations. Please contact us if you are keen to find out which programmes you can support. We are also on the lookout for volunteers. So, please reach out to us if you are keen to volunteer at the Counselling Hub.

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